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Fahr Beyond Directors

Adam Tate

Adam is one of the founding directors of the charity, he leads the board in helping to ensure that Fahr Beyond is focused and suitably resourced for fulfilling its mission. More about Adam can be found on the Founder's Story.

Carina Fearnley

Carina is one of the founding directors of the charity. Carina utilising her expertise as an academic to help Fahr Beyond develop its strategy to meet the needs of the future. In addition, through her personal experience Carina is able to understand the implications of brain complications and is passionate in ensuring that patients are appropriately supported.

Vanessa Tate

Vanessa joined the director team in November 2018 in her commitment to ensure that Fahr Beyond has the operational systems in place for the charity to be able to support users of our services. She is particularly passionate about ensuring that the families of those diagnosed with Fahr's has the information available to help plan for care and living.